5 Reasons to Get Yourself to NYC for EWlive14 – #EmergingNow

Dear Friends,

With three weeks to go before Emerging Women Live 2014, we are crazy busy! But in the midst of the chaos of planning a huge event, we find ourselves drawing on the values we’ve learned from this amazing community. What would we do without it?!

When we are overwhelmed, we practice vulnerability and allow our team the opportunity to give us strength and courage. When we face challenges, we face them together, pooling our resources to come up with collaborative solutions that often turn out even better than the original plan. We share our successes and laugh/cry together over our stumblings. There is no way we could do any of this without the wisdom so many phenomenal women are bringing to this tribe.

I cannot wait to experience the magic that is EWlive for the second time, to recharge, reinvigorate and refuel my deep passion for this work. Here are just a few more reasons why I am so so ready for this unforgettable and transformative event:

1. Connecting for Impact

Every woman at EWlive, whether presenter, participant, or partner, is equally committed to creating meaningful change in the world with her work. The rich relationships formed in this like-minded environment are so authentic and empowering that the collaborations born of these intimate connections are uniquely potent and powerful. I look forward to hearing many of our speakers address this cornerstone of feminine leadership, including Tami Simon with “When Our Hearts Lead: Turning Towards Connection.”

2. Cultivating Big Vision

There’s a famous Harvard Business Review study which found that women equal or outshine men in all dimensions leadership except for “envisioning.” EWlive is an amazing opportunity to recognize and transform your limiting beliefs and behaviors, while strengthening your capacity for big vision. The felt-sense of the future through big visioning is totally exhilarating and inspiring, and is a huge part of why EWlive is profoundly life-changing for so many women.

3. Tuning in to Intuition

Too often we allow the masculine overlay of intellect to cut us off from the deep knowing of our bodies. Well, there’s nothing like spending a four-day weekend surrounded by amazing women to inspire you to fully trust your feminine intuition.

Tuning in to your inner wisdom is the key to unlocking the most authentic parts of yourself, the parts that precede thought. I am seriously looking forward to creating a deeper alignment with myself by cultivating this feminine superpower with the women at EWlive14.

DSC_11074. Practicing Vulnerability

In this week’s podcast with Shasta Nelson, she says, “It’s really in our friendships that we get to practice being what the world needs.” The world needs vulnerability, and EWlive is a safe container to exercise it in while being supported by a group of women who understand its value. Vulnerability is identified as the marker of strength and courage by Brené Brown who will be presenting “Courage is a Heart Word: Lessons on Love, Belonging, and Being Brave.”

5. Loading Up the Toolbox

While you’re getting aligned with your desire and dialed in to your feminine strengths, it’s important to have that toolbox of both practices and practical skills to support you. Our workshops especially focus on this aspect, from Tara Mohr’s “Playing Big: The Art of Leaping – Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message” to Natalia Berry’s Making it Happen: A Method of Creativity, Action and Collaboration to Get Your Idea Off the Ground.” What I love most about EWlive presenters is that they bring tools that integrate the best of both science and wisdom traditions, and I find myself calling on these resources daily.

I sincerely hope that you will join me to share in these experiences and more in New York City. See you there!

Big love,

Chantal Pierrat

Founder, Emerging Women

Shasta Nelson – The Power of Friendship: Cultivating a Healthy, Happy & Meaningful Life

Zainab Salbi – EWlive14 Featured Speaker

What are you looking forward to at EWlive14? Let us know in the comments:


Are you ready to make a big change in your life and need an amazing support network?

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