Juicy Bites: Fostering Change through Feminine Leadership

This week we find out:

  • Traits people associate with great leaders
  • How supporting women leaders can change the world
  • Lessons for empowered female leaders
  • How one woman leads by being true to herself
  • How Tara Mohr connects spirituality with business

At the end of this post, we encourage you to join us for a conversation. This week’s Juicy Bites question for you, dear emerging women, is:

1. Great Leadership: 7 Traits of True Leaders via Inc. Magazine

What makes a great leader?  New studies are showing that worldwide, people want more feminine traits in the individuals steering them towards a better future.

“The ideal leader, then, should be like the earth itself: positioned between Mars and Venus. But in an environment of uncertainty and shifting power structures, Venus is rising.” –Leigh Buchanan

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2. Accelerate Women Now: Building a 50/50 Global Economy via Forbes

Women entrepreneurship is a phenomenal force that  is truly reshaping the world. Approximately 37% of enterprises globally are women-owned. These women reinvest, create jobs, and innovate. Also, recent research showed that entrepreneurs tend to be more successful because of their trusted status in the community.

“Change business, change the way business operates and defines success, and you change the world.” –Ashoka

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3. Dianne Bevelander: My Three Key Lessons for Female Empowerment via The Next Woman

Dianne Bevelander, a “true female hero who campaigns tirelessly for female empowerment and equality,” brings her business acumen and international expertise to bear on the topics of feminine leadership, risk-taking, choice and bias.

“…increased diversity of opinion and approach… should come from women in leadership positions rather than the demand that they merely adopt the approach of men.” –Dianne Bevelander

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4. ‘I Don’t Play Games’ & Other Secrets From One of the Country’s Top Philanthropists via The Huffington Post

One of the country’s most effective philanthropists leads with openness, generosity, accountability and intuition. In this interview, Wallis Annenberg talks about how she found her voice in her father’s foundation, and how she wants to use it to benefit the community.

“So I’d say today what’s happened is that my insides match my outsides, and I like myself!” –Wallis Annenberg

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5. Interview with Tara Mohr on Playing Big, Part I: Weaving Spirituality Practice and Business via Rise & Actualize

Women’s leadership expert Tara Mohr talks about her mother’s influence on her spiritually driven business sense.

“I grew up with this access to inner life and to spiritual concepts that I think children are ready for and can understand, but we often underestimate how much and how early they can understand it.”

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