Totality and the Feminine Filter

This weekend I drove up with Jay (my husband) and our boys from Boulder to Wyoming to watch the solar eclipse in TOTALITY. 600,000 people were predicted to descend on the tiny town of Casper, WY for this incredible event and I was questioning whether seeing 92% of an eclipse may have been the better way to go – watching the cosmos from our snuggy hometown of Boulder.

But totality was calling. Scientific American says that seeing a partial eclipse is interesting, but witnessing a total eclipse is “mind-blowing.” So with gas tanks strapped to the car (tales of running out of gas were rampant in the pre-eclipse travel warnings!) we soon found ourselves in a big field with campers from all over the world who also heard the call.

And so as the moon was edging its way across the sun I got this big download:

In most Eastern traditions, the sun is considered masculine and the moon is feminine. Our world is an expression of those two polarities – masculine and feminine.

This particular sun is in Leo. Leo is all about self expression, which we love, but it can be narcissistic and very ego-focused if unchecked. Does this sound familiar? We have in our culture right now a very strong feeling of overblown Leo energy.

With this solar eclipse, the feminine moon moved to put a filter on that masculine energy. The moon is about Other, about nurturing, giving, and providing a safe haven. The moon is in service – it’s the mama energy, it’s the energy of Cancer.

But here’s the thing: the moon is ALSO in Leo right now. So the moon is also giving us the self-expression juice. The moon’s feminine energy will help us filter down that “me-focus” while still giving us the Leo’s shot of courage and heart. The feminine will be speaking, loud and proud, but the lens will be through service to others, to the whole.

“May our self-expression, may our full lifetime, our full voice, our full expression as human beings, be in service to others.” That is what I read in this eclipse.

For that brief moment of totality – 2 minutes and 26 seconds – I could imagine 100% balance of masculine and feminine. It is the most wonderful thing to see. TOTALITY.

It doesn’t happen very often. And we pretty much have to chase it. And everything that happens before and after is that dance between masculine and feminine.

But once we’ve experienced totality, a true balanced world, even for the briefest of moment, we have more resilience for the ebbs and flows.

It’s not about being perfect, but rather knowing that a balance exists, visibly at times, on a very high level. Keeping that in our consciousness in a gentle way is comforting. It’s the balance of the universe, it feels like there’s a system much bigger than my thinking that has it all figured out.

With that thought, I say march on brothers and sisters, and let us shine as brightly as we can, but always through the filter of service.

Thoughts? Too woo? In the spirit of collective expression, let me know in the comments. And to dig deeper into this idea of feminine and masculine energies, join us at Emerging Women Live 2017 in Denver, CO. Register here to save your seat, or sign up for the FREE live stream here.


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